The American Election 2020

I'm not a great fan of Voris because of his habit of attacking fellow trads - we have more than enough enemies without attacking one another.  However, his summary of the deep -state heist of the American 2020 Presidential Election is masterful.

13:08 mins

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This is the real Kracken: Patrick Byrne reveals his part in an FBI sting to steal the American election.  The stench of the left's corruption is so fowl, that it can be overwhelming.  Catholic need to be saying their Rosaries for deliverance from this demonic evil

11:19 mins

The Global Warming Scam

PLANET OF THE HUMANS Michael Moore is known for his leftist activism, but in this documentary, he demonstrates that renewable energy is an expensive, environmentally destructive boondoggle which does nothing to save the planet.  Left-wing activists are fighting desperately to get the documentary banned.

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Covid-19 Scam