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POSTED BY: WEB TEAM    |    10.09.2016       
Originally published in The Flock - Winter Issue 2014

Some have been uncomfortable with the use of the word "scumbags" when referring to some of the faithless members of the current hierarchy. I understand that unease. Nevertheless, it is a fact that Christ used equally strong language when referring to a similar self-serving cabal within the hierarchy of the Jewish church of His own time, referring to them as "sons of Satan" and a "brood of vipers." Many of our bishops hate the Catholic faith, yet are content to live a comfortable lifestyle paid for by the widow's mite whose faith they mock, despise and betray at every opportunity. These prelates use the Bride of Christ like a cheap whore to satisfy their own lust and private agenda. These snakes in the grass are hypocrites, arrogant con artists, who are totally lacking in personal integrity.


It is long past time for Catholics worldwide to wake up and man up, and face down the Judas clerics who have infiltrated the episcopacy and who are scourging Christ once again in His body the Church. As far as I'm concerned, the gloves are off, the façade that these men are Catholics has long been utterly untenable. As in the Arian crisis, it's time for genuine Catholics to stand up and demand their Church back.


I recently attended a Traditional Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral, an annual event organised by the LMS for their deceased members. The sermon was delivered by Bishop John Arnold, yet another of those wily clerics who, having rejected the Catholic faith, continue to live parasitically off the backs of the faithful. John Arnold preached a sermon on the theme of All Soul's Day, which he managed to get through without once mentioning "souls", "purgatory" or "prayer", let alone "prayers for the dead". Quite an achievement really - like spending half hour explaining a British Rail timetable without once mentioning the word "train", the name of any station or any times! The main point of All Souls Day was apparently to thank God for our deceased family members and friends who had been "saints to us" by loving us and saying kind things to us. I remember thinking he clearly had not been acquainted with too many of my relatives. It reminded me of the game, Forbidden Words, which comes out every Christmas in my family, his Lordship would be brilliant at it.

This sermon could be recorded and used at a retreat for Modernists bishops to illustrate a lecture entitled "How to get away with being a faithless fraud while keeping the money coming in by conning sufficient numbers of the more gullible faithful into believing that you are actually a Catholic."


Bishop John Arnold is the son of an important freemason and worked in the Inns of Court (which is almost exclusively Masonic) as a lawyer. Then he converted to the Catholic faith and joined the Rosminian Order. After his ordination they sent him to Rome to study Canon Law.


In Rome John Arnold met Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Mr-Fix-It himself, and they became chums. After returning from Rome, Arnold unsurprisingly decided to leave the Rosminian Order and become a diocesan priest in the Westminster Archdiocese. A few years later, he became parish priest of Enfield, one of the largest Westminster parishes with a Mass attendance of 2,000. During his ten years at Enfield, Arnold closed down the Legion of Mary, disparaged Humanae Vitae by saying people must make up their own minds, and said publicly that it is no longer necessary to make our Easter duties.


He had a very traditional curate and gave him such a hard time the poor man had to be moved. At Cardinal Hume’s funeral when the Cathedral sacristy was crowded with priests vesting for Mass, Fr John Arnold reputedly squeezed in beside this young priest and promised to get even with him.


After Enfield, Arnold returned to Archbishop’s House where his buddy, the Cardinal, ordained him Auxiliary Bishop in Westminster. It was during this time that the Sunday Masses for the "Catholic" wing of the militant homo-fascist collective were set up at Warwick Street - although Bishop Bernard Longley, another auxiliary bishop, fronted this scandal.


Bishop Arnold undoubtedly despises the traditional Rite of Mass but nevertheless when the Latin Mass Society wrote to the Cardinal asking permission to bring a South American Bishop over to say Mass in the Cathedral they received a letter signed by the Cardinal saying there was no need as Bishop Arnold would say it for them. Bishop Arnold is an extremely clever man and unsurprisingly learnt it easily and said it faultlessly. However, a little later, while on an Episcopal visit in North London, Bishop Arnold showed what he really thinks. In the morning he held a Service of General Absolution, absolving everyone in the crowded church (one must assume the entire congregation was in danger of death from Ebola or some such similar pending catastrophe as of course no future bishop would flout Cannon Law and administer general absolution outside of a genuine emergency - perish the thought). Afterwards, he joined the parish priest, curate and representatives from the parish for lunch. During lunch Bishop Arnold made fun of the Tridentine Mass, mockingly claiming, “I am the darling of the Traddies now I have said their old Mass for them.” - he clearly knows very few trads.


John Arnold is also on record as not believing in Hell (or he believes in an empty Hell, which amounts to the same thing), and not believing in mortal sin. Why Christ bled to death on the Cross for three hours is anyone's guess - presumably to redeem a world without sin from a non-existent Hell!


Christ on numerous occasions in the Gospels praised people for their faith. However, John Arnold and the rest of his faithless ilk mock those who show a solicitude for the teachings of the Church. Faith, they claim, should not be so insecure, so attached to the comfort blanket of dogma and orthodoxy. Thus they are probably the first bishops in history to praise people for their lack of faith! One can only assume that when St Paul wrote, "But even if we ourselves or an angel from Heaven preaches to you a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let God's curse be upon him," he then winked and added in a stage whisper, "But for God's sake don't take anything we say too seriously."


Another ruse used by these arrogant clerics is to denounce the faithful remnant as "Taliban Catholics," as if there was no discernable difference between St John Fisher, or indeed old Bridie the daily communicant, and Jihadi John.


All this had me reflecting as to why these oily charlatans hate the faithful remnant with such demonic intensity. The penny dropped recently when reading an essay by Ann Barnhardt, a young Catholic woman well worth following. Just reflect on an occasion when you have been seriously publicly embarrassed by someone. And then reflect how angry you felt, even possibly entertaining thoughts of hatred and revenge, for there is nothing like public humiliation to bring out the very worst in us. Men like Arnold and ex-bishop Conry are worldly wise, and consequently they are humiliated and enraged by the supernatural, and by people who talk openly about the supernatural. They are terrified that association with us will lead to public embarrassment, because the world might mistakenly think that they believe in all this supernatural bullshit stuff themselves. Could anything be more guaranteed to make these cool kids cringe with embarrassment than that?


This also explains why these men don't care one whit if people receive the Eucharist in a state of unrepentant mortal sin - as witness Vincent Nichols defending through gritted teeth the mass distribution of Communion to militant sodomites. Because the entire question pivots on a supernatural fulcrum, namely the Real Substantial Presence of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist. If one denies this supernatural truth, then, yeah, why the hell can’t people come up and get their symbolic communion cookie at Mass? What’s the problem dude? You are being mean and unmerciful - and didn't that Jesus fellow come to bring mercy? And if you’re mean and don’t give people their symbolic cookies, then they won’t like you, and won’t come to your church, and won’t give you money, and the secular press and the Tablet and Elton John won't tell everyone how dreamy and awesome you are.


Whilst most Modernists are cerebrally challenged (witness their extemporaneous speech, which is usually a confused, wandering, irrational smog, laced with post-Conciliar gibberish about not fearing change, change equals growth, tension in a living church and their recently mined "god of surprises") unfortunately, Arnold is bright, which only makes his unbelief even more dangerous. This explains why he can celebrate the traditional rite faultlessly whilst denying much that it so beautifully encapsulates - this, nevertheless, may tell us something about his personal integrity. Spare a prayer for the poor Catholics of Salford who have recently had yet another slippery Modernist clone inflicted upon them.


The bottom line is that these men believe our faith is all bullshit that must be rejected out of hand by cool kids like them if they are to retain any street cred. We acutely embarrass them when we talk about the Real Presence, or sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and suchlike - and that's why they hate us and persecute us. It is also why the moment they are off the altar and out of the sacristy, most of them are in civvies, they don't want to appear in public in clericals; God forbid, people might actually assume they believe all this bullshit!


One has only to watch them on television to realise the truth of what I write. I remember some sixty years ago watching Cardinal Heenan on prime time television. He was asked by a group of youngsters about divorce. He responded along these lines, "The Catholic Church believes in love. And we don't actually believe that when a man puts aside a woman, who has born him four children and given him the best years of her life, for a woman half her age, it has much to do with love."


When did you last hear a Bishop defending the faith that robustly? The trick, you see, for these shrewd mountebanks is never to publicly deny the faith but never publicly endorse it either; and my, how these men squirm and skilfully duck and dive to avoid publicly stating a personal commitment to any article of the Catholic faith! Witness Cardinal Nichols who, when asked on prime time television whether the Church would ever bless the unions of two men united in a sham marriage by a mutual commitment to the depraved vice of same-sex anal copulating, replied lamely, "Who knows?" Traditionalists make these men particularly angry because they not only believe it all, they love it all.


I have two acquaintances, one family member and one friend, who wanted to become Catholics but were turned away by Catholic priests with the assurance that it wasn't necessary these days. So as far as these faithless charlatans are concerned there is no benefit in joining the Church Christ founded - why should there be if Christ is not God, merely another decent fellow? Valid Confirmation is also clearly worthless. Unity with the see of Peter is of no value. True doctrine as defined and upheld by Councils and Popes over two millennia - you've got to be joking? Joining with the priest in offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass - all that went out with Vatican II didn't it? Receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ each Sunday - not worth a can of worms apparently. And as for valid sacramental absolution to save one from Hell - give me a break dude! You don't seriously believe all that Catholic bullshit is actually important, do you?


Now you should understand why men like John Arnold et al can dish out general absolution like throwing a bag of Smarties to a bunch of children - as I say, these faithless frauds don't actually believe a word of the bullshit.


Some readers may object to the word "bullshit", but it is the only word that comes close to expressing the contempt that these supercilious clerics hold for the faith of genuine Catholics. This contempt also explains why they brutally ban the teaching of the Catholic faith in their schools - they don't just not believe the bullshit, they hate it, it makes them cringe and squirm.

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