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Trans La La Land

God Always Forgives, Man Sometimes Forgives, Nature Never Forgives.

By Graham Moorhouse

If I surgically remove the testicles and penis from a bull, construct an imitation on it of a cows genitalia, stitch on a plastic udder, stuff it full of chemicals to reduce its muscle mass, and then sell it as a cow to someone (who clearly should have gone to Specsavers), my fraud may well earn me a spell in prison.  That’s basically what the Frankenstein transgender industry is now doing to our children, but if you suggest the “bull” is not actually a “cow”, you’re the one you might finish up serving time - such is life in the secular asylum.

April 8, 2019 a "human rights tribunal" in Canada ruled that a Christian must pay $55,000 to a provincial politician because he referred to this politician as a "biological male".  The politician in question, Morgane Oger (born Ronan Oger), is a biological male.  However, he has since "transitioned," and is living his life as a "transgender woman."  According to the decision, Bill Whatcott must compensate Oger for injuring the latter's "dignity, feelings and self-respect."

The insane precedent set by this case can be illustrated by one flabbergasting fact: The judge in the case refused to allow Whatcott's lawyer to produce evidence showing that, as a matter of fact, Oger is a biological male.  According to the judge, "the 'truth' of [the defendants] statements … is not a defence."  As such, said the judge, "evidence is simply not relevant to the legal issue..."

“Evidence is simply not relevant ...” those four words neatly sum up life in the secular asylum.  Whether we a discussing gay “marriage”, the wonders of sodomite adoption, the link between homosexuality and paedophilia, the true gender of transsexuals, abortion, the “religion of peace”, climate change, etc. don’t waste your time arguing about what’s real and actual because in the Secular Asylum “facts are simply irrelevant”, and that’s official.

Point out that two man cannot marry because they do not have complementary genitalia, forget it, “facts are not relevant” in the secular asylum.  Point out that the vast majority of convicted paedophiles self identify as homosexual, forget it, “facts are not relevant” in the secular asylum.  Point out that abortion deliberately kills an innocent human being, forget it, “facts are not relevant” in the secular asylum.  Point out that their “religion of peace” has carried out over 500 attacks resulting in nearly 3,000 deaths and a similar number of life altering injuries in the first quarter of 2019, forget it, “facts are not relevant” in the secular asylum.  Point out that CO2 levels where dramatically higher when the world was equally dramatically colder, forget it, “facts are not relevant” in the secular asylum.

These musing where kick started by reading “Trans Life Survivors” by Walt Heyer.  Walt is exceptionally qualified to write on this subject, having lived his own life as a “transgender-woman” for eight years.  He has now readopted his true (male) gender and has been happily married for twenty-one years, and he now runs an outreach mission to people who have been gravely damaged by the transgender industry.  His book is for the most part a collection of testimonies from men and women deeply regretting their transition and seeking support and help in reversing the process.  I highly recommend this book; it will leave you with a much better understanding and a deep compassion for the tortured souls that are being so horribly exploited by this cruel ideology.  It would also be a work of charity to pass a copy on to someone contemplating going down this road.

One of the sad facts that is kept well under wraps by the transgender industry and their water carriers in the mainstream media is that something in the order of 40% of transsexuals attempt or commit suicide post surgery/mutilation.  Whilst I have no statistics to prove this, nonetheless, common-sense tells me that the majority of people do not deal with major regrets in their lives by resorting to suicide, which would suggest that the majority of transsexuals, at some point, profoundly regret what has been done to them.  What other area of the medical profession would continue pushing surgery that had that level of devastating regret among its recipients?

One thing they don’t tell you is that “transition” doesn’t necessary alter what the left likes to call ones “sexual orientation”; so a man who “transitions” to a “women” may still be sexually attracted to women.  Furthermore, the majority of trans-“women” still have a complete set of male genitalia. The British Prison Service found this out the hard way.  Having come over all PC, they started putting men who had “transitioned” to “women” into prisons along side real women.  The result, that anyone who was not as barmy as a box of frogs, would have foreseen, was an upsurge of sexual assaults on the female occupants.  One woman complained that “he exposed his penis to me in the showers,” and was ordered to rewrite it as, “she exposed her penis to me in the shower.”  The Prison Service has now backtracked and set aside a wing of a men’s prison for men claiming to be women.  This, has of course, got the transsexual activist screaming blue murder; apparently, the British Prison Service is now deemed to be transphobic.

Reading through the scores of messages received by Walt Heyer one begins to build a much clearer picture of what drives this lunacy.  What the male transsexual[1] is trying to do is not become a woman but rather cease to be who he is.  It is just that the most radical way one can cease to be who one is, is to change one’s gender.  The real issue here, which is not being addressed, is: why one hates so much one’s real persona, that one is willing to pursue such a radical, expensive, and ultimately futile solution.

The answer is not always simple, but there are number of common themes.  Mental illness, plain and simple, is just one.  Childhood trauma, such as the loss of both parents, is another.  A more common theme is sexual or physical abuse as a child.  Walt traces his own journey to this, having been sexually abused by an uncle and physically abused by a violent father.  Another cause is poor parenting: perhaps a parent lavishes all their affection on a girl, leaving the boy child imaging that if he was a girl, he might also enjoy some of the affection he craves.  Outrageous decisions by the authorities to place a child in the care of a pair of sodomites will also self-evidently leads to gender confusion.

The profound regret comes from the realisation that one is a fake: an acceptance of the reality that a man can never be a woman, and a woman can never be a man.  The realisation and acceptance that one is a bogus, a sham, a make-believe, a counterfeit, a mockery, for some will hit them the moment they awake from surgery, for others it can take decades, but when it does, it is devastating.  One of the things that make it so much worse, and drive people to suicide, is the loneliness.  You will be demonised by the trans-community and by LGBT activists.  You, like ex-homosexuals, are not supposed to exist.  You are a living refutation of their lies, and consequently an object of the sort of hate that few but the Godless left can muster.

Kyle Scanlon, the famous transsexual activist committed suicide and Alexis Arquette, the American actress, cabaret performer, and transgender activist, summed it up just before he died of AIDS at the age of 47, “Its all bullshit!” he remarked bitterly to a close friend.

It is surely humbug that in an age when we are rightly prosecuting Muslims for genially mutilating their daughters to serve their ideology, we are now legally mutilating the genitalia, and much else besides, of perfectly healthy children to serve the latest obscene ideology of the sexual left.

I will conclude these musing with an email from a gentleman crying out for help (Michael is suicidal a mere 18 months after surgery):

Hi Walt, I’m so glad I came across your website.  After 10 months of post-op psychotherapy, I know now my problems were great depression, unresolved issues as you said (I was sexually abused by my grandfather at 3 years old, father was killed in the Air force when I was 5, grew up thinking I must be gay, had sex with men and was disgusted, and cross dressed most of my life.)  My new therapist is calling it a Transvestic Fetish that went terribly wrong, coupled with GID [Gender Identity Disorder].  Why we couldn’t get to this pre-op?  It’s just a sick money making industry as I see it.

I have already removed the breast implants and will be restarting testosterone soon.  I have destroyed my career, my finances, my marriage and alienated my family.  The pain as you know is so great!  It feels like a knife in my heart.  I can’t sleep; I pace the house looking in my shorts for my manhood.  I am so disgusted with myself.  How could a smart, successful guy get so lost?  I had it all.  Now I’m watching it slowly fade away.

You and all the people who give me words of encouragement are the only thing keeping me going.  I have a rope, and I know where all the next gun shows are; I don’t want to live like this.  My therapist is going to recommend me to gender therapists; to get a surgical solution I can live with.  At 46, I don’t want all those forearm, body scars.  I just hope I have the strength to get there; my batteries are drained.  I have not read your book; but, I am willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas.  Have a good day.  Thank you.


[1] What I write here applies to women “transitioning” to “men” as much as men “transitioning” to “women”, but I reference the latter not just because they are the majority but also for the sake of brevity.


Walt Heyer lived as a transgender woman for 8 years, transitioning back to male over 25 years ago, and he now uses his 75 years of transgender life experience to bring a message of hope to others.

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