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Proofs for the truths of the Catholic faith

Solid answers from modern science and reason to honest questions about the Catholic faith.  This site seeks to restore, reconstruct, and revitalize belief in God, the transcendent dignity of every human person, the significance of virtue, the higher levels of happiness, love, and freedom, and the significance of Jesus Christ to all the above.

This site is a vast treasure trove of articles, books and videos.  If you are a truth seeker, explore it at your leisure.

The teachings of the Catholic Church

This is a superb website where children and adults can learn the timeless truths of the Catholic faith according to the famous Baltimore Catechism.

Learn what the Church actually teaches as opposed to what her enemies accuse her of teaching.

The Traditional Latin Mass

This beautiful film about the traditional Mass, the Mass of our forefathers, saints and martyrs, is the first of a trilogy made by a talented group of young people.

TLM Graph.png

The Chartres Pilgrimage

Every year some 20,000 mostly young traditional Catholics walk from Notre Dame de Paris to Notre Dame de Chartres, a distance of some 70 miles, over three days, the Pentecost weekend.

Some regard this as the most important annual event in the world today.

To experience for yourself the vigour and youthfulness of traditional Catholicism, watch the following video made by a group of American pilgrims.

Early Christian Writings

This site contains a complete collection of extant writings from the early Church up to 325 AD.


That some of those early writings were inspired by God is a teaching of the Catholic Church, and it is not something that can be known by reason.  Which books were inspired and which were not also rest on the authority of the Catholic Church.

Those Protestants who preach the novel, manmade doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture alone, are like clowns trying to carry themselves around by their own bootlaces.


The theory of evolution requires one to believe that one's great-great-great grandfather was a frog or a slug.

Now, if you are intellectually honest, you must admit that that does seem a likely proposition on the surface.  Furthermore, the more dubious a proposition is, the more solid evidence we should require before accepting it.  And the evidence for evolution is remarkably flimsy.

To be fair to Darwin, scientists in his day imagined the cell, the basic building block of all life to be little more than a blob of goo.  We now know that the cell is an extraordinarily complex "factory".  Consequently, its origin by blind chance is no longer a rational proposition.

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