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"I cannot sufficiently be astonished that such is the insanity of some men, such the impiety of their blinded understanding, such, finally, their lust after error, that they will not be content with the rule of faith delivered once and for all from antiquity, but must daily seek after something new, and even newer still, and are always longing to add something to religion, or to change it, or to subtract from it! "

St. Vincent of Lerins 

10th October, 2016     |             by GRAHAM MOORHOUSE                                                                                                                


Modernists in Rome are hard at work faking history

Springr, 2015     |             by GRAHAM MOORHOUSE                                                                                                                

10th October, 2016     |             by DON McGOVERN                                                                                                            

Pascendi Dominci Gregis (Audio)

Papal Encyclical: On the doctrine of the Modernists

Read by. Fr. Hugh Thwaites S.J

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